Thursday, July 11, 2013

Should Have Just Kept My Mouth Shut

I'm done. I give up. It's not going to happen.

I have said, "I would like to discuss something important when you have time."

I have written a letter.

I have written an email.

I have done everything I can think of.

I am immediately shut down with rude comments, hasty remarks, attitude, and annoyance.

Fine. You win. We can have the "traditional", "mediocre", never ending argument, cold shoulder, silent treatment marriage. I don't care any more. I will start making preparations for the inevitable divorce that is headed right toward us.

After our divorce is final, I WILL NEVER MARRY AGAIN!!! I am not going to play this game a third time because I already know the outcome. It is the same every single time: I LOSE.

Congratulations! You wore me down. You win.

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